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Your free market analysis in Varsity View awaits you. Analyzing recent trends is one of the most important parts of selling a home. Upon completing a free valuation, we'll move forward together as I do a CMA on your behalf. Did you know these methods are the most useful and practical when selling your property if you want to determine the price ahead of time?

Let me analyze the market on your behalf. I'll always be in your corner, offering supports that last well past the end of the deal and the closing of the transaction. What does the market show, and what has it shown over recent years, months, and weeks? Trends change, and I'll leave no stone unturned when I set out to help and guide you.

Discover a free market analysis in Varsity View, and the benefits it brings. The current trends and conditions are equally important so that we won't overlook them either. In the area, you need someone who understands these matters, and I continue to do research that remains pertinent and relevant to anyone who needs a speedy and profitable transaction. Find out what it's worth!

I’m REALTOR® Joanne Kerr, and when I run this CMA for you, I’ll be able to determine your home’s fair market value. I’ll inspect your home’s age, size, location, structure, rooms, space, and more, then compare it to similar homes in your area, including new listings and recent sales. I can also determine areas of improvement and repairs to boost your home’s value. Your result will provide an asking price when it’s time to sell.

Get the information you need with a free market analysis in Varsity View. It’s never been easier, and you’ll see more details about what sets me apart from the other agents serving locals and the market. Why be stuck on your own? I know what people want and need, and it’s for these reasons I’m the one best suited to serve them. Call me to schedule a consultation and find out all the ways I’ll help you.

Strategic advantages of a CMA: https://www.upnest.com/1/post/creating-strategic-advantages-using-a-comparative-market-analysis/

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